Friday, February 27, 2009

It is the time for 'fusion music'.

Defining ‘Music’ is an attempt that people are making since time immemorial. Still there are no particular words that define music. Yet people try to do the impossible and here is our attempt. Music is divine, its serene, something that knows no boundary, knows no limitations, something that brings the world together and something that’s as clear and as pure as a baby’s smile. For those who have the heart to listen, every sound that we hear is music.

But for us mere mortals, every sound produced cannot be music. When the tranquil ocean of music is disturbed by the intrusion of the materialistic aspects of the world, even the ‘so called’ music stars sounding like noise, a very harsh, unpleasant noise. Man seeks relief through music, but all his attempts go in vain as today’s music fails to soothe. And that is because we try to ape something that doesn’t come naturally to us. We as a society are in the middle of a serious identity crisis. Today’s generation may well be equipped with all the comforts of life, (courtesy: the flourishing MNC’s and the IT sector) but still there is that yearning for serenity, calmness and peace of mind. There are a million questions that ponder and we don’t know where to look for answers.

Its time we get a reality check, its time for us to realize that our traditions, our history and our heritage hold all the answers for our questions. Whatever new attempts we make, it should sprout from our traditional roots. And through this endeavor, we very proudly introduce the new phenomena – KAARANJJI, a new kind of Kannada music band.

The title 'Kaaranjji' refers to something very youthful, exciting and enthusiastic. And just like the fountains, KAARANJJI exudes new hopes, aspirations and more than anything else, it exudes faith.

The trend of Kannada fusion music came into existence very recently. This form is catching up with the youth like wildfire. KAARANJJI creates a new fusion incorporating the traditional folk as well as the current music scenario and we are sure that this form of music is going to strike all the right chords with the people.

The language KANNADA is one of the most ancient languages of the world. It has a rich musical history in the form of light music (Bhavageethe), Folk Songs (Janapada), Stage songs (Ranga bhoomi), Vachanas, Keerthanas and the list goes on. So it’s up to us now to carry the legacy to the next generation.

'Kaaranjji' – the band constitutes of four boys and a girl, all enthusiastic and rearing to go.

Ajay is the lead protagonist who is in his mid twenties. He works for an ad agency. He is a vocalist and also the lead guitarist of the band who anchors the band and holds the band together. The very rich family background has not deterred him from the ethics of life and that is because of the way he has spent his growing up years – very independently and all by himself. Raj, a north Indian is also a guitarist. He is in his early thirties and waiting to make his mark before he settles into the institution of marriage. He always gets himself into funny situations because of his extreme scatterbrained nature and thus he ends up being the butt of all the jokes. Rakesh, is the baby of the group. Just out of his teens, this boy is a perfect playboy who has a strange habit of hitting on women, literally, but on their butts. Yes, he has a habit of hitting on well endowed women’s butts. He is a singer and also plays the flute. This college boy hails from a very middle class family but a look at him and you would take him for a millionaire, that’s the way he dresses, extremely suave, stylish and trendy. Prasanna and Pramod are identical twins. Prasanna plays drums and the latter plays keyboard. Prasanna is in the middle of an unsuccessful marriage, yet that hasn’t stopped him for having a great sense of humor. The twins have a funny bone that’s tickles one and all. This band is later joined by Anupama. Music is something inherent to her from her parents. She has been raised by her mother Sharadamma single handedly. Apart from love and warmth for each other what keeps them bonded and glued is their passion for music and their longing to achieve something great in the field of music.

Anupama inspires Ajay and everybody else to follow their dreams.
Sreenivasaiah, a folklorist, singer is one of the pivotal character of this movie. He is recognised by the people as 'Janapada Sreenivasaiaha', because of his love of folk music and scholarliness. He believes in faith and karma yoga. He influences Kaaranjji, the band by his dignity and singing. Another feature of this movie is the fusion between the folklore and the urban music The band is humiliated by an incident. This challenges them to achieve something in the field of music. And when they are on their quest to seek something new, they meet Sreenivasaiah accidentally and they find a new world of music. The band, especially Ajay grows very fond of Srinivasiah. This new trend of music will create a legend in the hearts & souls of the youths.

"Kaaranjji" will become the symbol of youth".